“Euroterminal Sławków” Ltd is situated at the junction of the Western-most section of broad-gauge (1520 mm) railway line and European standard-gauge (1435 mm) railway line connecting Western Europe with the East. This unique connection allows handling as well as transport of various goods between countries of the Far East-Asia and Western Europe. The terminal operates on the outskirts of the Silesian Agglomeration, in Slawkow.


The core business
Euroterminal provides services to domestic and international rail freight forwarding and car shipping. We have a modern infrastructure for handling and storage of containers, goods in bulk, palletized goods and steel products. Our Customs Agency provides comprehensive services related to import and export of goods.

Euroterminal in Slawkow includes:

  • warehouse complex with total area of almost 11,000 m2,
  • the container terminal plate with the area of over 33,000 m2, length 750 m and 3,500 TEU capacity, equipped with 2 container cranes with a lifting capacity of Q=40T each and 4 reachstackers for handling units of UTI,
  • transshipment points for handling biomass and technical oils,
  • storage areas with the area of over 100,000 m2 for storage of bulk goods such as coal, coke, salt, pig iron.

Reloading capacity:

  • containers (284,810 TEU),
  • steel products (380,000 tonnes),
  • palletised goods and other (200,000 tonnes),
  • bulk goods – coal, coke and aggregate (2,000,000 tonnes),
  • bulk goods – salt, biomass, grain (365,000 tonnes).

 Storage services:

  • containers (3,500 TEU),
  • palletised goods (covered storage area 8,500 m2),
  • bulk goods (110,000 m2),
  • steel products (8,200 m2).


„Euroterminal Sławków” Ltd.
1, Groniec Street
41-260 Sławków

phone: +48 32/714 24 00
e-mail: info@euterminal.pl

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